Selection of Organic Thai Curry Pastes  in a value pack of 6 (2 of each flavor)! Delicious, authentic and Thai curries made from vegan ingredients like fresh herbs and chillies. Easy to use, just add your favourite ingredients, coconut or nut milk and simmer. Or simply use as a marinade or stir fry paste to jazz up an Asian meal. Varying spice levels.


*Certified organic ingredients
*No artificial preservatives, colours or flavours

*No refined sugar






  • Thai Green Curry: *Green Chillies, *Shallots, *Garlic, *Lime Juice, *Galangal, *Lemongrass, Himalayan Pink Salt, *Gluten-Free Soy Sauce, *Coriander Seeds, *Cumin Seeds, *Coriander Root, White Peppercorns
  • Thai Red Curry: *Shallots, *Garlic, *Lime Juice, *Dried Red Chillies, *Galangal, *Lemongrass, Himalayan, Pink Salt, *Gluten-Free Soy Sauce, *Coriander Seeds, *Cumin Seeds, *Coriander Root, *White Peppercorns
  • Thai Yellow Curry: *Shallots, *Garlic, *Lime Juice, *Galangal, Himalayan Pink Salt, *Red Chillies, Turmeric, *Coriander Seeds, *Fennel Seeds, *Cumin Seeds, *Cinnamon, *Cloves

*Organic ingredients

Value 6-Pack Organic Thai Curry Pastes (6 x 100gm)


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