A variety value set of 3 jars of Organic Asian Pastes each! Pick from 3 different sets of authentic, Asian pastes from the region, all made from vegan ingredients like fresh herbs and chillies. All of these delicious pastes are incredibly easy to use: just add your favourite ingredients and use as a marinade or stir fry paste to jazz up an Asian meal.


Choose from 3 enticing trios:


"Thai Curry" Trio (1 jar each of: Green Curry, Yellow Curry and Red Curry Pastes)


"Asian Cooking Pastes" Trio (1 jar each of: Lemongrass Turmeric, Tom Yum and Thai Basil Garlic Pastes)


"Taste of Singapore" Trio (1 jar each of: Roasted Chilli Sambal, Rendang and Vegan Laksa Pastes)


*Certified organic ingredients
*No artificial preservatives, colours or flavours

*No refined sugar






Thai Curry Paste Trio:

  • Green Curry:  *Green Chillies, *Shallots, *Garlic, *Lime Juice, *Galangal, *Lemongrass, Himalayan Pink Salt, *Soy Sauce, *Coriander Seeds, *Cumin Seeds, *Coriander Root, *White Peppercorns
  • Red Curry: *Shallots, *Garlic, *Lime Juice, *Dried Red Chillies, *Galangal, *Lemongrass, Himalayan, Pink Salt, *Soy Sauce, *Coriander Seeds, *Cumin Seeds, *Coriander Root, *White Peppercorns
  • Yellow Curry: *Shallots, *Garlic, *Lime Juice, *Galangal, Himalayan Pink Salt, *Red Chillies, *Turmeric, *Coriander Seeds, *Cumin Seeds, *Cinnamon, *Cloves


Asian Cooking Paste Trio:

  • Lemongrass Turmeric: *Lemongrass, *Shallots, *Lemongrass, Rice Bran Oil, *Galangal, *Lime Juice, *Turmeric, Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Thai Basil Garlic: *Holy Basil, *Sweet Basil, *Garlic, *Shallots, Rice Bran Oil, *Coconut Sugar, *Lime Juice, Himalayan Pink Salt, *Galangal
  • Tom Yum: *Lime Juice, *Galangal, *Soy Sauce, *Shallots, *Lemongrass, Himalayan Pink Salt, *Red Chilli, *Coconut Sugar, *Kaffir Lime Leaves, *Dried Red Chilli


"Taste of Singapore" Trio:

  • Roasted Chilli Sambal: *Coconut Sugar, *Shallot, *Garlic, *Sunflower Oil, *Dried Red Chilli, *Gluten-Free Soy Sauce, *Tamarind, Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Rendang: Filtered Water, *Dried Red Chilli, *Lemongrass, *Shallots, *Galangal, *Rice Vinegar (*Brown Rice, Water), Himalayan Pink Salt, *Turmeric, *Red Chilli, *Cumin Seeds, *Cinnamon, *Coriander Seeds
  • Vegan Laksa: Shallots*, Lemongrass*, Jasmine Rice Vinegar* (Brown Rice*, Water), Galangal*, Red Chilli*, Dried Seaweed, Turmeric*, Dried Red Chilli*, Himalayan Pink Salt, Kaffir Lime Leaves*

*Organic ingredients

Organic Asian Paste Trios (3 x 100gm)


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