Vegan Satay and Yellow Curry Bowl by Woon Heng

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

We were lucky enough to collaborate with Woon Heng, a Malaysia-born and now Dallas-based home chef who showcases her super yummy plant-based South East Asian food. It's not easy finding South East Asian food that is both plant-based and delicious, so it's safe to say that Woon Heng's page is a gem! You have to check out her awesome page here!

Woon Heng has made us a nutritious Veggie Yellow Curry and Lemongrass Turmeric Tofu Satay. A satisfying and comforting dish that's great for everyone! Paired with a gorgeous peanut dipping sauce, there's nothing to not like about this dish!


Satay ingredients:⁣

~ 16oz firm tofu, drained well & pressed, then cut into cubes⁣

~ 1 tablespoon Mekhala Organic Lemongrass Turmeric Paste⁣

~ 1/4 cup coconut milk⁣

~ 1 teaspoon coconut sugar⁣

~ oil for brushing⁣

Yellow curry ingredients:⁣

~ 1 tablespoon Mekhala Organic Yellow Curry Paste

~ 1.5 cups veggie stock⁣

~ 1 small potato, skin removed and cut into cubes⁣

~ 1 small carrot, chopped⁣

~ 1/2 cup Bella mushrooms, halved⁣

~ 1/2 cup broccolini or broccoli, chopped⁣

~ 1/4 cup coconut milk (or more for a creamier version)⁣

~ 2 tablespoons vegan fish sauce or 1 teaspoon coconut sugar⁣

~ salt to taste⁣

Satay sauce: Mix 2 tablespoons of each: unsalted crunchy almond/peanut butter, maple syrup, vegan fish sauce & 3-4 teaspoons soy sauce with 2 tablespoons hot water until well combined (adjust taste accordingly). Then top with roasted peanuts before serving.⁣


  1. To make the satay's marinade, mix lemongrass turmeric paste with coconut milk and sugar in a plate until well combined (if it's too thick, thin it down with a splash of water).

  2. Marinate tofu cubes for at least 30 mins or overnight, flipping occasionally.

  3. Brush tofu cubes with oil and grill either using an oven (bake at 450F) or a griller until golden brown on all sides.⁣

  4. To make the yellow curry, bring a 2-quart pot with stock to boil.

  5. Then add in carrots, potatoes and lower heat to simmer & cook until potatoes are fork-tender.

  6. Stir in yellow curry paste, vegan fish sauce (or sugar) & season with salt accordingly.

  7. Add in mushrooms, broccolini, coconut milk & simmer until veggies are fully cooked through. ⁣

  8. Serve satay with sauce & aromatic yellow curry.


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