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Updated: Mar 24

Soup stock are simply a household favorite because its brilliantly versatile. It can be turned into soups which can be an appealing appetizer, a snack or a tummy warming hearty meal. That is why we love to "stockpile" on different stocks that can conveniently be used anytime for any occasion.

Stocks are easy to make because they require minimal preparation. You can prep it over the weekend, for use throughout the week and you'll have delicious stock for your favorite noodles or casserole.


Here are a few simple steps on how to get started.

1. Simply chop up the ingredients (roughly dice will do)

2. Put ingredients in a large pot

3. Add enough water in to cover the ingredients in the pot

4. Boil it over an induction cooker or gas stove for one to two hours.

(Useful Tip: One way to know when your stock is ready is to have a little taster after 1 hour. Stocks taste better the longer you boil it because that's when all the tastes have seeped out of the ingredients and blended harmoniously leaving you a delicious pot of stock.)

(Useful Tip: Salting your stock is not necessary at this point because you will be cooking it again with other ingredients that will flavor it further. Therefore, we recommend that you add salt only when using the ready stock to prepare a meal.)


Our go-to ingredients for a vegetable stock.

  1. Onions - 1 or 2 large white or red onion

  2. Carrots - 2 medium sized ones

  3. Celery - 2/3 stalks

For a more Asian, but non-vegan option with an Asian twist. You can always substitute the celery for dried anchovies. And add in 5-6 pieces of chicken feet and neck together.

(Note: Wash the anchovies beforehand to wash off the salt residue. Also, chicken feet and neck provides a sweet flavor and even adds a little natural depth of taste to your soup stock. You can use other parts boney parts of the chicken as well like thigh or wings.)


Great stock begins with experimentation. Try out the ingredients in equal portions first so that the ingredients do not overpower each other. Then, taste them when almost ready. If you prefer it to be slightly sweeter, add in more carrots or chicken or onions. Be confident and play around with the flavors you love best.

And if you really want to create a totally out of this world stock, we recommend using either one of these Mekhala's babies to create different flavored stock. You can add either of these when almost ready.

  1. Ginger scallion

  2. Miso ginger

  3. Shallot kaffir lime sauce

  4. Lemongrass tumeric

  5. Tom yum

(Useful Tip: We suggest that you scoop some of the stock into a bowl and spoon half a teaspoon of any one of our recommended paste into the stock, stir it and taste it to get the right flavor profile you prefer before adding more into your pot of stock.)


Now onto the stockpiling. We love to freeze our soup stocks in ice trays for easy future use especially if you intend to use it in small portions, simply to add nuances of flavor to your dishes. To do this, simple strain out your stock until you are only left with the liquid portion, and use a scoop to scoop it into the ice tray to freeze. Alternatively, if you intend to use larger portions each time, then scoop your stock into reusable freezer bags and store them in the freezer. Your stocks should keep well for 1 to 2 months.

(Tip: Do not refreeze defrosted soup stock to ensure food safety)

Happy stockpiling! ❤

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