Chickpea Red Curry

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

1 can of chickpeas, 2 delicious recipes in under 10 minutes! Healthy, vegan and wallet-friendly! Use the chickpeas for a yummy curry paired with rice, and save the chickpea water for a vegan meringue! Vegan meringue can be used exactly like its egg-based counterpart - for pies, pavlovas, macaroons etc. So reduce food waste by keeping the liquid from the can.

Ingredients (serves 2)

1 tin chickpeas

2 heaped tsp Mekhala Organic Red Curry Paste (Or Mekhala Curry Paste of Choice)

3/4 to 1 cup coconut milk


  1. Reserve liquid from chickpeas.

  2. Add 2 heaped teaspoons Mekhala Organic Red Curry Paste to 3/4 - 1 cup coconut milk.

  3. Simmer chickpeas in coconut milk and red curry mix and serve hot!

  4. Meanwhile, whip reserved chickpea for about 5 mins liquid to create a vegan meringue!

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