Eco Fashion Brands We Love!

Mindful Living extends to more than just our diet - it applies to even the clothes we wear! If you’re seeking to further a mindful lifestyle or simply looking for new styles, here are our favourite vegan, ethical, eco-friendly fashion brands to shop!

Vaute Couture

Helmed by Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, long-time animal rights activist, this 100% vegan brand is also sweatshop-free. Everything is organic and recycled, made with high-tech fabrics that are sustainable.


Cruelty-free bags come direct from the suppliers right to you with the WEEKEND Edit. These sustainably-made bags are all kinds of adorable, and to be honest, look better than genuine leather. Everything is manufactured in SA8000 factories, the highest social certification standard. Plus, there’s no branded packaging which reduces environmental footprints.


Backed by actress, Elizabeth Olsen, the brand incorporates eco-friendliness into everything. It’s sustainable and vegan, not to mention cruelty-free in ever facet. And the results? Eco-friendly and utterly stylish! The brand also donates plenty to animal organisations for fundraising events.

John Bartlett

Vegan lifestyle and fashion converge with John Bartlett who has worked tirelessly for Humane Society as well as other organisations. In 2012, he was revered for his ground-breaking 100% cruelty-free, luxurious yet eco-friendly menswear collection and has been an inspiration to the vegan fashion industry ever since.


Not only did Umasan have multi-generational models in androgynous attire, but that attire was more than fashion-forward. It was eco-forward made with high-tech materials. The identical twin sisters, Anja and Sandra Umann wanted to combine high end style with innovations that were kind to the world and all the creatures in it.

Melie Bianco

With a tagline of ‘accessories with purpose,’ Melie Blanco focuses on affordable styles of vegan handbags with fair-trade ideals and a completely animal-free and cruelty-free line of bags. Even though the bags are made in China, it is a 100% sweatshop-free environment that works as a profit sharing model. The workers profit from the brand to make a livable wage. Even PETA has awarded Melia Bianco with the ‘Best Animal-Friendly Accessories.’


Fashion and compassion unite with Miakoda. This brand of eco-friendly wear uses materials that are ethically-produced to make some truly stunning fashions you can feel good about wearing. The intent is to revolutionise the fashion industry with these stunning clothes delivered in 100% recycled packaging and made of 100% plant-based materials. Miakoda is bringing change to the way we all consume to make eco-friendliness the new normal.

In the past, being fashionable and eco-friendly was so much more difficult to do. Today, there are so many amazing brands that take our world to heart and our heart to the world.

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