Weight Loss and Fighting Fat: The 2 Key Factors to Focus On

Do you sometimes feel like you cannot figure out why you keep gaining weight, despite your best "dieting" efforts? Let's take a look at whether you are making some of the common mistakes and misconceptions that many people make and have about fighting excessive weight gain.

At the risk of sounding un-PC, it is undeniable that despite the strong "love yourself" rallying calls that have only been growing louder with each passing year, it is highly unlikely that we will ever truly rid ourselves of body image issues. And just like how it is most definitely not okay to fat shame, nobody should need to feel guilty about wanting to lose weight or change how they look.

It is actually a good thing for your metabolism as long as you use a healthy strategy such as a combination of exercise and a balanced diet. However, many people experience something called the "rebound effect" when they are trying to lose weight. So, why are you gaining weight once again? And is there a way to combat weight issues for good?

"I hit my weight loss goal last week, but why am I gaining weight again?"

The "rebound effect" is an adverse reaction of dieting. It works similar to what people experience after taking painkillers and sleeping aids. After quitting their meds, patients often experience symptoms that turn out to be even worse than before. But a drug-induced rebound effect is not precisely the same as gaining weight after following a strict diet.

People gain weight after quitting their diet for two main reasons. One of them is not recognizing and not tackling the real causes of obesity: poor dietary choices and sedentary behavior. The second reason is that they force their bodies with extreme and unhealthy diets. These overly restrictive diets create a series of metabolic and hormonal modifications and make the body more susceptible to gaining weight when it’s off this unsustainable diet.

Thus, if you keep a balanced diet without reaching to extreme measures and stop looking for magic pills and miracle solutions, you will finally be able to control your weight, avoiding the undesirable rebound effect with added health benefits.

Combat excessive weight gain for good

The 2 factors that will truly make a difference in improving your metabolism

Each one of us travels a different path to achieve a fit body, but losing weight effectively is always based on the principle of negative calorie balance. In simple words, you need to reduce your calorie intake with a proper diet while increasing your energy output through physical activity. This way, you will force your body to burn fat as a source of energy.

Additionally, you need to adjust your lifestyle to set the stage for the chemical reactions and metabolic changes to take place. For instance, a good habit you should never leave behind is resting and sleeping appropriately. But what about nutrition and exercise?

Nutrition: An appropriate diet to lose weight is not one that makes you starve your way to your perfect body and then continue to your previous eating habits. If you want to lose weight for good, you need to achieve a sustainable change you’re comfortable with - a whole new approach to eating you can maintain for as long as it is necessary. Reducing your calorie intake is vital, but not the only focus of your diet. You also need plenty of vitamins and minerals essential for the chemical reactions you want to trigger. Thus, all diets should start by increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables while reducing your sugar intake and replacing it with complex carbs as in whole wheat cereals, brown rice, and legumes.

Exercise: The second piece of advice is exercise. Meeting the recommended levels of physical activity is not difficult, but should be made progressively if you have lived a sedentary lifestyle for a very long time. Aim for 30 minutes of moderate physical activity or 15 minutes of intense physical activity, eg a simple HIIT routine, 5 days a week, but don't stop there. Figure out what you like and you'll find that exercising stops becoming a chore, but will instead be a part of your life that you can't do without!

Making sustainable changes is based on changing your metabolism, which is achieved after balanced nutrition and a consistent exercise routine. So, don’t give up and make real changes in your life instead of temporary measures to lose weight dramatically. That is how you will keep a lean body for longer and become healthier than ever.

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