Egg Yellow Curry Breakfast Bowl

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Yellow Curry Japanese Ramen Noodle

Egg Curry is popular in many parts of South East Asia and South Asia. It's simple but its spiced and creamy taste is super comforting. Combine it with your favorite smoked cuts and a ripe avocado for an excellent breakfast!

Ingredients (serves 2)

3-4 eggs

3-5 tsps Mekhala Organic Yellow Curry Paste

2-4 oz of coconut milk

½ an onion, sliced

2-3 slices of your favourite type of bacon (pork, turkey, facon etc)

1 avocado, halved and sliced

1 cup of your favourite rice


For garnishing: Coriander/Cilantro Bird’s Eye Chilli


  1. Cook rice using your favorite method.

  2. Lightly beat eggs in a bowl and set aside.

  3. Cook bacon to desired crispiness in a deep dish pan, set aside, leaving the bacon grease in the pan. (if you are using facon, add 1 tsp more canola oil into pan)

  4. Fry sliced onions in the bacon grease until translucent.

  5. Add in Mekhala Organic Yellow Curry Paste and coconut milk, mix until combined.

  6. Add in beaten eggs into curry and stir slowly, take off heat when eggs are cooked to desired level (we prefer them medium softness).

  7. Salt to taste.

  8. Plate rice, curry, bacon, and avocado.

  9. Garnish with cilantro and chopped chillies.

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