Daphne Hedley - Harper's Bazaar

December 2014

What is the most sentimental jewellery?

It's a sapphire ring my dad bought for me when the whole family travelled to Hong Kong together. I don't wear it anymore because I used to wear it so often that I had to keep getting it fixed. I still keep it close because my dad passed away just some years ago.

Why should women support women? It doesn't happen enough and there were times whenI'm guilty of it. I used to work in a very male- dominant finance industry. At the time, I felt I had to be a lot more masculine.

Why do women get catty with each other sometimes? I think, generally, most women are still trying to figure out how they want to be perceived by others. When you get lost in that process, you get insecure and often make statements about others that you may not mean. Women get judged a lot for what they do or don't do. Sometimes being a woman is like being caught between a rock and a hard place.

What's the fashion brand you secretly love? Victoria Beckham. To be honest, when she first became a fashion designer, I was a little reluctant. But I must say she's becoming very good at what she does.

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