Mekhala 14 Day Plant-Based Diet Challenge - Day 0!

Hi! I'm Daphne, CEO and co-founder of Mekhala. Tomorrow I begin the "Mekhala 14 Day Plant-Based Diet Challenge" - YES! 14 days as a vegan! Tofu, beware... Join me as I document my journey here on this blog. Why am I taking on this challenge? I'm turning 40 in a few months (urgh!) and I try to eat healthily and exercise regularly - "try" being the operative word -, and I'm always tired.

Plus, I run a company that makes yummy, vegan-friendly foods, started with my inspiring vegan co-founder, Jang, so I figured that it's time for me to WALK THE WALK. All you vegans out there - give me a shout out if you have any tips and tricks!

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