We Love Noosa Farmer's Market

This week, we are on holiday in Noosa. It's allegedly winter, but the temperature is a lovely 24C with gorgeous blue skies. The Sunday farmer's market is a star attraction, and we are super excited to be here!

8 a.m.. The air is crisp and pleasantly cool, the car park is packed (or "chockers" if you prefer Australian slang), and the market teeming with people. At the entrance is an enterprisingly erected ATM, dispensing cash for the many expected transactions. Immediately, we are lured by a stall proffering dips which we gladly sample, then we purchase organic veggies, vine-ripened cherry tomatoes and a freshly made superfood raw salad dressing. Totally on trend is Nourishing Wholefoods (pictured here), run by two bearded (is there any other sort?), hipsters who ferment their own chilli sauce, kim chee, sauerkraut and other goodies. Booths and baskets overflow with colourful organic local produce like kale, coriander, carrot and cauliflower. For the carnivores, there's locally raised lamb hawked by a hilarious farmer who probably has a side gig at the local stand up club. nitrate-free bacon and sausages, and free range/organic chicken.

We line up for freshly-fried, fiendishly-sweet Dutch donuts (I think it might have been gluten-free, so that cancels out all the badness...), wash those down with single-origin coffee (lol... I know), swiftly followed by tangy, savoury gyoza, all to sweet tunes played by a live band. Virtuously sated, we make a quick detour to the mushroom monger and bread booth to grab some portobellos and a seeded loaf, then it's ta-ta to this hippy haven. #wishwecouldpackyouinoursuitacase


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