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The Making of A Star: The First Mini Blog in A Series on How Mekhala Products Are Born

One of the key ingredients of Thai curry paste is coriander (or cilantro) root. It imparts a mild, balanced flavour to the paste, and gives it a je n'ai se quoi that cannot be replicated with the stem or leaves.

At the Mekhala facility, we go through loads of fresh, organic coriander root to make our green and red curries, and very early on, we realized we had a problem - for every root, there were stems and leaves that had seemingly no other fate than then to end up in the bin. It was very painful having to throw out these perfectly good herbs. The staff were happy to take some but there's only so much coriander one can eat! Negotiations with our farmers were unsuccessful - in Thailand, customers expect their herbs bold and whole!

So then Diane, our Chief Flavour Maker, CFO, and Trolley Master thinks of an elegant and simple solution - why not make another product with the coriander? Et Voila! Perfect. Except Diane's of those strange people who absolutely detests the flavour of coriander, so it was truly valiant of her to sacrifice her taste buds on the mantle of waste reduction. Following rounds of testing (and torturous tastings), she came up with what is now one of our star products - Coriander Ginger Dressing, and the rest is herb history.

Check out the product here!

Stay tuned for the next installment of "How Mekhala Products Are Born!"

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