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Eat Well For Less - Go Green

I suppose because I'm a busy mother and in the business of natural foods, many of my mother friends consider me a credible source of information on where to procure quality, unadulterated food at the lowest cost, both $ and time wise, and indeed, on what constitutes "good" vs "bad" food. Noticing this trend in the my numerous Whatsapp and Facebook messages, I decided I would dispense my knowledge and insights more efficiently in a series of blog posts. I use the term "for less" a little loosely, since "less" is a relative thing, but in any case, I hope that you, the reader, will find a useful morsel or two in this and the posts that follow!

For my inaugural entry, I would like to suggest the obvious - start with organic vegetables. Not everyone buys into the "organic" trend (although I'll assume that if you're reading this, you're either a believer or are hoping to be persuaded), but having personally visited farms (both organic and not), and spoken to farmers about their experiences, I'm convinced that a pesticide that causes the swelling of a man's leg into twice its normal size should NOT be used in our food. Is that crazy?

We should be eating our greens anyway, and although organic vegetables are 100-150% more expensive than non-organic ones, they are still affordable for most and way cheaper than organic meat or wild-caught seafood. So if you're trying to eat better but aren't willing to spend a whole lot more or eat less, then fill up with organic vegetables, flavoured with Mekhala's dressings and sauces, of course! Best of all, the organic vegetables available in Singapore tend to come from neighbouring countries like Malaysia and Thailand, which means fewer air miles. Everybody wins!

Find these vegetables at your local supermarket, or to save time (I'm an avid online shopper), my favourites are The Organic Grocer and Zenxin Organic.

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