Brown Rice Lemak


(Serves 3 to 4)

2 Cups Mekhala Organic Brown Rice

150ml Coconut Milk

Chicken Stock or Mekhala Himalayan Pink Salt to taste

5 Pandan Leaves

Mekhala Organic Roasted Sweet Chilli


1. Rinse Mekhala Organic Brown Rice in a rice cooker bowl and add Coconut Milk.

2. Add Mekhala Himalayan Pink Salt to taste and fill with water to the brown rice mark OR fill with Chicken Stock to the brown rice mark. If your rice cooker bowl does not have a brown rice mark, use 20% more liquid than you would for white rice.

3. Tie pandan leaves into a knot, place in the rice cooker bowl, and set rice cooker to cook.

4. Serve hot with your preferred ingredients and a dollop of Mekhala Organic Roasted Sweet Chilli.

This recipe was adapted from this Nasi Lemak Recipe.

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