The Breakfast Series: Vegan Scrambled Tofu


(Serves 1 to 2)

1 piece / 200 grams firm tofu (Tau Kwa)

2 cups baby spinach, roughly chopped 1 tsp Mekhala Organic Malaysian Aromatic Seasoning

1 tsp soy sauce

Mekhala Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Mekhala Himalayan Pink Salt Ground white pepper


1. Drain tofu and let sit sandwiched between dry towels or kitchen paper towels.

2. Heat a bit of Mekhala Organic Virgin Coconut Oil in a medium skillet and fry Mekhala Organic Malaysian Aromatic Seasoning until fragrant. (On medium heat for about 1 to 2 minutes.)

3. Add a bit more Mekhala Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, a splash of water, and Baby Spinach. Cover and steam till soft. (About 1 minute.)

4. While the spinach sits covered, crumble tofu with a fork.

5. Uncover and add crumbled tofu to the skillet. Add Soy Sauce and stir well.*

6. Stir-fry for another 2 to 3 minutes or until tofu is just dry.

7. Season to taste with Mekhala Himalayan Pink Salt and White Pepper and serve hot.

*If seasoning clings to the spinach in clumps, add a splash of water and mix thoroughly. Fry a little longer to evaporate the excess water.

*Replace Soya Sauce with a Gluten-free version if preferred.

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