Tom Yum Vegetarian Noodles

Tom Yum Vegetarian Noodles


(Serves 3)

100g shiitake mushroom, sliced finely

100g snow peas

280g soft tofu, cut in cubes

1 large carrot, sliced finely

1 pack of vermicelli (or substitute enoki mushroom for a low-carb option)

1 tbsp Mekhala Organic Tom Yum Paste

Vegetable stock

3 Mason or glass jars with lid


1. Blanch vegetables and vermicelli and allow to cool 2. Spoon Mekhala Organic Tom Yum Paste into the bottom of the jar and layer tofu, vegetables and noodles to fill the jar. 3. Leave in fridge until ready to use. 4. Bring vegetable stock to a boil and pour into jar to cover ingredients. Leave for 5 minutes with lid on.

5. Stir and enjoy!

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