Yellow Curried Baked Eggplant

Another quick dish featuring our Organic Yellow Curry - we love the warmth that the spices in this Indian-influenced curry lend to the dish. With only 3 ingredients, this dish is super easy to make and is great for feeding a lot of guests or even for a picnic!


(Serves 1-2)

2 Medium eggplants, slice in half lengthwise

1-2 Tbsp Mekhala Organic Yellow Curry Paste

1-2 Tbsp oil


1. Preheat the oven to 190°C or 370°F.

2. Mix Mekhala Yellow Curry Paste and oil in a bowl, then spread on cut-sides of eggplants.

3. Bake eggplants in the oven, skin side-down on a greased baking sheet, until golden (about 20-25min).

4. Serve warm.


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