Miso Lime Tuna Quinoa "Sushi" Rolls

Need a gluten-free lunch box idea? Try making our quinoa "sushi" rolls with tuna, pea sprouts, cucumber and our Miso Lime Chilli Dressing!


(Serves 2 Persons)

2 Cups Quinoa

2 Tbsp Mekhala Organic Roasted Sesame Garlic Dressing

1 x 185gm Tin Tuna in Olive Oil (Preferably Dolphin Friendly)

1 Small Head Broccoli, Cooked and Broken Up

Pea Sprouts

4 Nori (Seaweed) Sheets

Himalayan Pink Salt (Optional)


1. Cook quinoa according to packet instructions. Allow to cool.

2. Mix tuna with Mekhala Organic Roasted Sesame Garlic Dressing and season with Himalayan Pink Salt if preferred.

3. Place one nori sheet on a bamboo sushi mat (or cling wrap).

4. Spoon quinoa onto sheet and flatten, leaving about 2cm around the edges.

5. Starting from the edge closest to you, lay 1cm wide tuna horizontally across the sheet, then lay the broccoli and pea shoots in the same way, towards the other side of the sheet .

5. Carefully Roll the seaweed sheet over the ingredients, taking the bamboo mat with you, and press down firmly once, roll over again and press again until you get a complete roll.

6. Moisten a sharp knife and slice into 4-5 pieces. Repeat with remaining ingredients.