Pan-Seared Salmon With Pumpkin Black Pepper Sauce

Our Pumpkin Black Pepper Dressing is used in this dish as a pour over sauce, with its sweet creaminess and slight tang providing a delightful contrast to the crispy, salty salmon.


(Serves 2)

2 Salmon fillets

Himalayan Pink Salt

Freshly-ground black pepper

1 Tbsp oil

150ml Mekhala Pumpkin Black Pepper Dressing


1. Season the fish with Himalayan Pink Salt and pepper.

2. Place oil in pan over medium-high heat. When pan is hot, place salmon fillets skin-side down.

3. Cook until skin is crispy, then turn over and continue cooking until the fillets are cooked but still a little pink in the middle.

4. Serve salmon fillets with Mekhala Pumpkin Black Pepper Dressing poured over.


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