Chunky Vegetable Red Curry

A winter warmer or filling yet healthy dinner! Our Red Curry Paste goes exceptionally well with root vegetables, and this dish needs no extra seasoning, thanks to the sweetness of the pumpkin and carrot.


(Serves 2-4)

1 Large Carrot

1 Large Potato

1 Wedge Pumpkin

1 Small Eggplant

1 Heaped Tbsp Mekhala Red Curry Paste

200ml Coconut Cream

100ml Water


1. Chop carrot, potato, pumpkin and eggplant into 2 inch pieces.

2. In a wok over medium heat, fry coconut cream for 1 minute until it bubbles and thickens.

3. Add Mekhala Red Curry Paste and stir through.

4. Add vegetables and water, cover and simmer for 5min or until carrot is soft.

5. Garnish with coriander and serve immediately with steamed rice.


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