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To be really honest, when it comes to cleanser i am particularly concerned. Cos usually for a cleanser to be efficient, it maybe added with more aggressive ingredients to cleanse the face well and thorough.....To my surprise, Mekhala Tamarind Facial Cleanser is just as soothing as it states and it calms down my inflamed skin especially T-zone.

Crystal, Singapore -
Mekhala's Facial Cleanser - One very obvious result of this cleanser is its skin lightening properties – Mekhala do not lie when they claims this product brightens the skin. Their researchers and testers confirm that change was quite dramatic, even after only 2 weeks.
Victoria, Vanity Trove

Mekhala Tamarind Facial Cleanser is a soothing facial cleanser that removes even waterproof make up. True to its brand mission of mindfulness and healthfulness, the Tamarind Facial Cleanser comprises 100% natural ingredients that are as effective as they are gentle.

Fiona, blogger -
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